Leaders of the global Church are eager for the Bible to be translated into all the languages of their nations, but translators in minority people groups often don't understand Bible translation resources in English. They need those resources in a language they understand, a gateway languagethat bridges the gap between English and their heart language. With Bible translation resources in their gateway language, a language that translators understand well, the Church in a people group has the essentials to translate the Scriptures into their own language, a language the community understands fully and one that speaks to their heart. Project details for each gateway language.



translationCore is a software tool that church leaders around the globe urgently need to determine and refine the accuracy of their translation of the Bible in their own language.

A Church leader in the Middle East said, “translationCore is amazing… it’s like having your own translation consultant with you."

Learn how translationCore enables Church-based translators to know their Bible translation is trustworthy.

Open Bible Stories


50 key stories of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, for evangelism & discipleship, in text, audio, and video, on any mobile device, in any language, for free. 

Learn more about the Open Bible Stories project.

Chad Initiative


For many believers worldwide, a Bible in any language is a rare treasure, and a Bible in their own language does not even exist yet.

The good news is that technology is changing the game for Bible translation. 

With a simple $300 tablet loaded with translation resources in French, and software that will speed the translation process, Christian leaders in remote villages can begin translating Scripture into the languages of the tribes around them. Project details.


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