Fund the Chad Initiative


A $300 tablet loaded with translation resources in French will enable Christian leaders in remote villages to start Scripture translation. Tablets include tools such as translationNotes, which provides open-license exegetical notes for translators, and translationAcademy, a handbook on Bible translation and checking procedures.


“Thank you! It is like you have given us the answers to the test. Everything we need to translate the Bible into our own language is right here [in translationNotes and translationAcademy].”

— a Bible translation team leader in the Middle East

Distant Shores Media can equip church network leaders so that translation work can begin immediately in some of the most remote locations on earth. Will you join us?

Instead of donating a single Bible, why not enable the low-cost translation and production of countless Bibles? Give a fully-resourced translation tablet for $300. Or donate any amount to help put Print on Demand equipment in place for printing the newly translated Scriptures.

Click here to support the Chad Initiative to equip the Church in Africa with the Bible translation resources they need.

Chad Initiative:
$38,585 still needed

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